Best Breakfast Pizza Dough Recipe, Anyone?

I need your help!

I'm looking at crafting a large Mother's Day breakfast for everyone as we visit with my Mom over the weekend. One of my mother's favorite things is the breakfast pizza from The Rainforest Cafe, and I'd like to try and top that for her on Sunday morning. What I'm struggling with is the choice of dough to use for that breakfast pizza.

I'm looking for the Goldilocks answer, here: I don't want something too thin or too thick. It needs to be just right. There's going to be some meat - bacon and sausage, likely - and some cheese, along with scrambledy eggs and some token veggies, so it's gotta stand up to all of that without getting soggy.

So, I submit it to you, oh wise brethren and sistren. What would you recommend I do for the dough?


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