Bacon Emulsion

Hi everybody, Making some of my first forays into molecular gastronomy (more properly molecular cooking in this case) this weekend. However, being somewhat ignorant and still in high school I have a quick question or two for anybody knowledgable on the subject.

My idea is this: a creamy bacon emulsion, I've considered infusing milk with cooked bacon, then creating a milk mayonnaise with that (I don't think that the flavor would be strong enough). Then I read about the bacon mayo on this sight. But, I'd really prefer the sole fat to be bacon (don't judge me, I'm thickheaded and once and idea gets there it doesn't just go away). Anyway, I was thinking that adding some lecithin to a combination of bacon fat and vinegar might do the trick. Let be know what you guys think.

Also, I have a quick question about mayonnaise in general. Can it be made in a iSi cream whipper?



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