And the winners are....

Y'all never cease to amaze me !!! I went back thru my thread " Hey, yer not supposed to use it for that" and there are some brilliant ideas there. Here's my list of favorites ( I thank you ALL for contributing ideas:)

@CJ had 3 winners...the canning lids for eggs, the terra cotta plate for keeping yer buns warm, and the teaball for for the spices :):)

@CatBoy...Williams Sonoma spatula for replastering...good idea, but I think I would have gotten one from Goodwill :):)

@samiamb...the muffin tin upside down to hold the tacos..I'm sooo stealing that one :):)

@BitchinFixins...the earwig trap ia AWESOME !!! I was gonna give you 2 votes, but since I still don't know what that spatula is doing in yer bedside dresser, I'll have to reserve my vote until you break with goods :):)

Thank y'all very much for all the great ideas :):)


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