8th Annual New Jersey Hot Dog Tour

This year's Tour is set for Saturday, September 24th 2011. If you want to attend, please contact my partner Erwin Benz, at [email protected] This Tour gets more popular every year. Even though we can fill 4 or 5 busues, we will limit it to 2 buses with 100 attendees. Anything more is overkill and will take too long for us to be served. For years we kept it to one bus.

This Tour represents the different styles of hot dogs that are available in New Jersey, arguably the best state for variety and quality of hot dogs. I pick the itinerary which includes new stops every year. We also rotate some of the old favorites. So far this year we have people coming from Florida, Alabama, and Ireland! In the past we've had attendees from 6 states, Washington D.C., and Canada.

My partner Benzee handles the travel arrangements and reservations. I pick the itinerary. There is fierce competition among hot dog establishments to be included on this Tour. I only pick what I consider to be the best examples of a particular style (Eastern kosher style beef, German style beef/pork, dirty water, deep fried, Texas Weiner, Newark Italian Style, etc.) of hot dog. Many of the stops offer extras such as free hot dogs, chili, tee shirts. Last year there were plenty of people from Serious Eats who attended including our own Hawk Krall.

Please e-mail Benzee now in order to reserve a seat on the 8th Annual New Jersey Hot Dog Tour. It's always covered by various media. This year we hope to get it televised. The Travel Channel and Food Network have expressed some interest. This Tour always sells out, and as I've said it will be limited to 100 people. I know the people who are members of Serious Eats are serious about food. Even the lowly hot dog which to my surprise has become trendy. Reserve now. I hope to see those of you who attended last year as well as some new faces.


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