What topics do you wish you would see more of on SE? My top 10

What topics do you wish you would see more of here on serious eats? I see a lot of great topics offering advice on cooking, where to eat out, but I haven't seen any of the following. These are the top 10 topics I would like to see - what are yours?

10. Massive refrigeration failure at cheesecake bakery - desperately in need of eaters to help 9. Topics with titles containing "Nom nom" 8. Peanut butter, cheese and pickes - A match made in heaven? 7. How do I make a Dumpling (the dog) sized dumpling? 6. What to eat in Dinosaur, Colorado 5. Local craft brewery: desperately in need of tasters 4. Bacon museum grand opening! 3. Name your food blog app launched using your hometown, first pet's name and the name of a stinky cheese 2. New Food Network show announced: The Food Lab with Kenji and finally... 1. Eat butter to lose weight!


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