What topics are you tired of seeing on SE? My top 10

Okay, I KNOW there are new people here everyday, witness the constant flow of "what should I name my blog" posts, and variations thereof. I know there are those without historical knowledge of this site, that log on for the first time, post a blurt, then get offended by the responses, and then ultimately, my pithy comments are also deleted. But here you go, subject to editorial deletion, my top 10:

Where do I eat in NYC? Where do I eat in Chicago? Where do I eat in Seattle? Help me make money with my blog (variations on driving traffic) What can I do with an excess of spinach (or, fill in the blank) How can I fix my fallen souffle (variations) immediately! Like in the next 2 seconds! What dish can I bring to a vegetarian pot luck? What does your pet eat (?!) How can I make my relations understand how important my food knowledge is?

and the number one:

Yes, it's "help me name my food blog." Actually is like nails on a blackboard.

Next I'll try top 10 favs, maybe, but that won't probably drive traffic as well. This may already be a "woman of the evening" post, as expressed before here on SE (but deleted).


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