Service Rant/Rave--haven't had one of these threads in awhile.

Hi Eaters,

I've had two bizarre dining experiences in the last week or so, and thought I'd vent and give us all the chance to do the same.

1) About a week ago, went to a local restaurant featuring local, organic upscale casual dining, beautiful menu, great food, but the WORST WAITER. He forgot our drink order, then forgot our food order, causing delays on both. He never checked in after we had delivery of either of our courses. He spent 20 minutes selling personal training to a table of four women behind us. The table runners delivered EVERYTHING to our table because he was chatting up other diners. We had to flag down a manager to get a second drink. The food--impeccable. How frustrating! We go there often enough (there are few non-chain options where we are). We wanted to tip the food runners directly who did all of the work. The restaurant wasn't was a Wednesday night.

2) On impulse, we went for Chinese this past weekend When we do this, we usually order a tonne, because the only thing better than well executed NA Chinese is leftover! $90 later and it was quite literally the worst food we've ever eaten. I love North American and more 'authentic' Chinese--this was terrible on either account. The kicker? The service was AMAZING. Friendly, prompt, attentive, not obtrusive. We tipped well and told the waitress sotto voce to get out of there and find a better place to serve!

What about you? Recent great or horrific service experiences?


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