Recipe instructions: "Use a wooden spoon to ..."

Okay, I'm in the midst of baking a recipe from a cookbook I just got, and I ran across the instructions to use a rubber spatula to stir together some ingredients. That got me thinking about these very specific sort of instructions.

Now, I've been around the kitchen long enough to know that I could use a silicone spatula or a wooden spoon or being really risky, a dinner fork.

I completely get the idea that it's nice to mention that a nonstick pan is preferable or that an offset spatula would be useful. But when I read the very specific note to use a rubber spatula, I have to wonder if new cooks see things like that, realize that all they've got are wooden spoons, and assume they can't make the recipe until they procure a rubber spatula.

Back in the olden days, no one specified a small, medium or large bowl - it was assumed you could eyeball the amount of ingredients in a recipe and choose a bowl where it would all fit comfortably without the recipe writer telling you which bowl you need to use. Now it seems like every recipe tells you what size bowl you need, and asks for very specific stirring implements.

So what do you think SEers? Do you think that very specific instructions about tool use are necessary so the new cook doesn't stir the batter with a garden hoe, or do you think it will cause new cooks to get gadget anxiety because they don't have a 7" nonstick pan and they're afraid to use the 9" pan instead?

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