Question about restaurant etiquette...

So...I am just genuinely wondering what the proper etiquette would be for this situation. I can't stress enough it didn't impact my overall enjoyment of the meal. I am just wondering what SE thinks...

At a decently nice place ($20-$30 entrees), I ordered an alcoholic beverage along with my meal. When the drink was brought out, the server opened the bottle and poured it into my glass. I then realized they brought out the wrong wasn't what I ordered.

I alerted them immediately, but by that point, the bottle was open. The server took the bottle and the glass and came back with the right drink. My question is...would SE'ers expect the server to take the drink back? Again, it didn't bother me that the server did, and I don't want to come off as a spoiled customer trying to capitalize on the mistake of a server, but by that point, the bottle is open. It's not like they can just pour the drink back in and serve it to another customer.


What's the proper etiquette for the staff at this point? Personally, I feel like if I were the server, I would have asked the customer if they wanted to try the drink anyway. Is that wrong of me??


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