Pork Stock questions???

Our Easter dinner was Berkshire fresh ham (pork shank, not smoked or cured) and now I have a big ole cooked bone with some meat and herbs still clinging to it as well as some fatty meat bits, since I don't toss out anything.

I think I'd like to make some stock with it. Not necessarily Asian flavored, but more neutral. The Zuni Cafe version leaves out carrots so the stock isn't too sweet, and adds some pigs feet. I don't have any pig's feet, but I do have some chicken feet in the freezer, so I could make a compound stock.

So, what would you add? A mirepoix? Herbs? Spices? Brown it again first before adding the water?

I've only made pork stock once before, and that was at least 15 years ago, and I've forgotten what I did. Thanks!


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