Pancake problem

I made pancakes for my family this morning, but instead of going with the tried and true buttermilk recipe I always use, I decided to experiment a little. For the liquid, I used half a cup of coffee instead of buttermilk or milk. Cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg for spices. AP flour (I don't know how much because I just kept putting it in until the texture looked right). Started with half a cup of brown sugar. Half a stick of butter. Appropriate amounts of baking powder and soda. Started with two eggs. Threw it in the pan and...disaster! It ran all over the place. I added more flour...same problem. After wasting a ton of the batter adding different things, I finally got it to work. By the end, I had added several cups of flour, 3 additional eggs, way more brown sugar, more spices and some milk. I had also wasted a ton of the original batter, so it had less coffee, butter, and baking powder and soda. My family said they loved them, and I'd like to make it for them again, but avoid the first hour of failed pancakes, and I have no idea what the final proportions were. The original batter smelled way better than the finished one, so I can't help but wonder what they would have thought if I hadn't messed it up. Also, they were also a little on the flat side since they didn't have as much baking powder and soda as originally planned. Anyone have any idea what went wrong? I guess I'd need more dry ingredients and eggs in the beginning (or less coffee and butter), but does anyone have any ideas on proportions? Thanks!


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