Not really cooking/baking, kind of food - Clif Nectar/larabars

Fellow kitchen ninjas,

Does anyone remember Clif Nectar bars? They bit the dust a year or so ago in favor of the clif C bars (not as good). If you haven't had one, their pretty much like a larabar. If you haven't had either, they pretty much look like a formed bar of feces but taste much better.

Has anyone tried making there own energy bars or a snack like this? I'll confess, the real reason I want to know is I need something to replace fruitsnacks. I'll be 28 next week and it's time to move on from the magical world of foil pouched shark bites and the like.

In addition to cooking, I mountain bike, rock climb and road bike on a regular basis. I would love to have a snack that is decent, has clean and real flavors, and is portable. Regular clif bars, power bars and pretty much every other energy bar out there are completely awful. I can't even choke them down. Nectar bars were my favorite and now their gone (tear).

Has anyone made anything like this? Most of the recipes I found seem like they are on the right track, but none really address the issue of adding juice concentrate (a frequent ingredient in clif and lara bars) to the mix.

In addition to saudi/jordanian food for our date tomorrow night, the little lady and I are going to do some beta testing. I'll report back.


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