New Oven w/ Broiler on Top - Pizza Making Tips

We recently moved into a new place and I'm beginning to find the ups and downs of the oven that came with the house. This weekend will be the first time cooking pizza with it (haven't used it at all as the house has a built in Santa Maria style BBQ which I've always dreamed of having and have been enamored with that). Anyways, this gas oven has the broiler on the top of the oven, instead of a dedicated pull our broiler drawer. In bake mode the oven heats from the bottom, when you switch to broiler the top element fires on with a pretty decent flame. I'm thinking putting the stone on one of the upper shelves, pre-heat at the oven max 550f; when the stone and the oven are sufficiently heated, turn the oven to broil and fire the pie.

Anyone fire their pies like this? I'm thinking you could maybe get a similar skillet/broiler effect without having to juggle a hot pan? Any tips appreciated.


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