Is Food Service A Young Person's Game?

I have recently realized that food is very important to me. I knew I was always food-obsessed, but now that I have more opportunites to cook, having been out of work for a while, I have come to a whole new level of understanding myself. I love to read about food and food preparation, I love experimenting with new ideas, cooking foods of different cultures, understanding the mechanics of food preparation, thinking about food, daydreaming about food. I got myself a lifetime membership to an online cooking school, so I could learn technique. So, I find myself about the age that most people retire, dreaming of going back to school and finding someway of turning this into a career or at the very least a rewarding part time job. I have considered becoming a personal chef, running a food truck, even being a dietician (I don't want to spend four years getting a degree, I don't know if I would ever be able to use it). Yes, I am a late bloomer! So, what's your opinion? Is there a place for an over 40-50 something person in the food industry? Is it just too fast paced and tough for an older person to get involved with? Should I shelve my dreams and put away the chef's hat?


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