How To Make Cheesecake Freeze Better

My Aunt Sandra gave me her famous cheesecake recipe. Every year she brings it to our family reunion and it is the BEST cheesecake. When she gave me the recipe she told me that it froze well too. I was pretty stoked because while I can scrounge up enough people to help me eat an entire cheesecake, sometimes it's nice to stock just like good beer.

Which brings up the issue, it doesn't freeze well and I can't figure out where I went wrong! Once a slice has defrosted it is not as moist and you can tell when you bite into the small curds. Any suggestions on how to make it freeze better?

Total Time:  1hr 15m Active Time:  a lot Equipment:  Mixer, 9" Springform pan


2 - 8 oz.pkgs cream cheese, room temperature
1 - 16 oz.container Breakstone small curd Smooth & Creamy cottage cheese,
1 - 16 oz.sourcream,
1 stick melted butter (cooled)(I melt butter first and by time I add it it is room temp),
4 large eggs slightly beaten,
1 & 1/2 cups sugar,
3 TBsp. lemon juice,
1 tsp.vanilla flavoring,
6 TBsp. cornstarch,
6 TBsp plain flour.


Cream the cream cheese and cottage cheese in mixer bowl til smooth, add the sugar and mix til smooth, add slightly beaten eggs and blend til smooth, add lemon juice and vanilla and blend, add cornstarch and plain flour tablespoon at a time til blended in, add 16 oz. sourcream and blend til smooth and mixture well mixed. Then turn mixer off and pour melted, cooled stick of butter in and stir in with spatula. Once it is folded in, then turn mixer back on and beat til mixed in well. Pour mixture into 9" springform pan that has graham cracker crust pressed into bottom of pan.

Put into preheated oven 300 degrees, bake 1hr.15 minutes, turn off oven and do not open oven door for 2 hours. Let cool 6 to 8 hours, then cover with saran wrap and refrigerate at least 24 hrs. before removing from pan and serving.


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