Help finding good, cheap knives!

Hello friends! Here's the deal: I recently received a knife set as a gift, and I was incredibly excited, as I'm a student/amateur cooking enthusiast, and I've only been using whatever bad/cheap knives were around. The problem was that when we opened up the set (a 14-piece Ginsu set), both myself and the gift-giver were disappointed to find that all but one of the knives were serrated. Apparently this obsession with serrated knives is Ginsu's "thing," and they claim it keeps the knives sharp.

My question: Can anyone recommend a new knife set? The gift-giver insists on buying me a new one, but has tasked me with finding it. My budget is $50 and lower. I have faith that a durable, useful, non-serrated, yet still cheap set of knives is available, I just don't where to look! I figured if anyone could help me, it would be the Serious Eaters!

I should mention that while I don't really need a set as large as 14 pieces, I very much like the idea of a knife block. A good knife deserves a home.

So please let me know what you think!


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