Garden Warfare- MINT!

I purcahsed a house last summer, and said house has a lot of land (half and acre) which this apartment dweller was thrilled to have! However, there are 6 different flower bed, garden areas. I like to garden but there is one particular three tier retained garden that was just overwhelming with the sheer amount of weeds. No matter how many I pulled twice as many came back within days.

Anyhoo, I decided to do a little garden warfare and planted Mint, figuring (correctly) that the mint would choke out the weeds and at least then, I would have weeds that I could use. Well, now I got it...What do I do with it it all? It's gonna be around all summer, and besides smelling awesome, and using it here in there in fruit salad, cocktails, iced tea...what is some of your favoirte applications? Also, I love ice cream and will be playing with making a great mint ice cream this summer, so any good recipes for that would be appreciated too. Thanks!


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