Dinner Party with a Vegetarian

So! I'm posting here to pick your brains. After finals, I'd like to have my two best girlfriends and their significant others over for dinner. One couple is vegetarian, and the other does enjoy their meat, though I couldn't imagine them being overly picky about a vegetarian meal.

So, it'll be five people. I have a few strange requirements, as I am a graduate student.

1) We'll probably be eating on the floor/couch. There will be tables available (cheap coffee tables, for setting plates, sides, dips, whatever) for setting things on, but my dining table only has two seats. 2) I'd prefer it be inexpensive. Just generally. 3) I'd rather not be fixing in my small kitchen as my guests either loom, or sit in the living room without me (no pancakes, for example) 4) I don't have a microwave. If I make it in advance, it'll need to reheat on the stove or in the oven.

SO SE. What do you have for me?


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