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Hi All,

I am taking my first trip to Colorado this weekend with my parents to see my sister, who is in a dinner theater production in Fort Collins. None of us have been to Colorado before, and my sister isn't really a foodie. I'll be based in Fort Collins but we'll be flying into and out of Denver and plan to day trip to Denver and other areas within an hour to two hour radius. I'll be there for fourish days (coming in early Saturday and leaving Wednesday) and we'll have rented a car. I'll be more or less following the parents but they trust me as a foodie tour guide type of person and will respect my suggestions.

So, I am asking you for yours. I don't know much about Denver, Fort Collins etc. other than what a few travel books have told me. Where should I eat? And, sort of unrelated but not really, any must-dos? I'm an East Coaster from Florida and North Carolina and this is as far west and as mountainous as I have ever been. I'm really excited!

Thanks in advance for your answers and advice!



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