"Can It Core A Apple?"

Subtitle: Coring Apples Is For Weenies.

I'm just wondering whether anyone else thinks "coring apples" is a big waste.

I was following a recipe over the weekend and, as is typical, it called for the apples to be "peeled and cored".

Well, most times these days I simple peel the apple, halve it, and cut slices against the core, from the inside outward, starting the knife right against where seeds are visible.

a. I feel I'm getting more apple this way, including more interesting roughage near the core,

b. It's marginally faster,

c. The resulting apple slices are a lot prettier with their clean straight edges than a cored apple would be with it's jagged, rounded, gouged surfaces.

d. Again it seems less wasteful than blindly jabbing a tool down the center and discarding 1/3 of each apple. (Sometimes I would be dismayed over just how much edible apple was being thrown out with the baby's bathwater.)

Oh yeah,

e. I haven't seen my corer in a long time. :)

The ends are a bit trickier, and I'll sometimes try the Jacques Pepin thumb-down-swirl-around technique to trim them cleanly and economically.

To you folks is this un-coring approach common, uncommon, right, wrong, indifferent?...


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