Bon appetit wedding cake

@suburbanfoodie, I found that recipe! (Sorry so long, I've been away.)

At least I think it must be the same one, it even has crystallized flowers for decoration. It's from June, 1982.

I converted it to all-chocolate but the main thing is the 4 different parts - spongecake, ganache, a souffle layer and buttercream icing (NO FONDANT!!!!). Does that sound right? Maybe I could make a .pdf copy and send it to you as an attachment. It is quite a long recipe involving several pages of small type, though it's really not difficult, just takes time to make all the parts. It has very useful tips about the avoidance of crumbs in icing, which I have applied to many other cakes.

(I'm amazed lookling through these back copies, just how much writing and how few pictures there were compared to today!)


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