Bad taste or just plain ignorance?

With so many people claiming the mantle of 'foodie' (and equally as many searching for a less abhorrent word for it) we see the potential food snobs judging and sneering at those not on the haute cuisine bandwagon. I personally love new and different food, but not so much that I won't eat anything I used to eat that was considered 'normal.' I know that I have seen several posts that look down upon people who eat at chain restaurants, or use dry herbs instead of fresh, or who still from time to time crack open a can of Chef Boyardee.

Here's my question: Are these somewhat less sophisticated eaters guilty of bad taste or are they simply ignorant of the food world? I'm sure there are hundreds of towns like mine where there are but a handful of restaurants that are not owned by a chain. And unfortunately, most of the non-chain places all serve pretty much the same thing, barbecue or comfort food. Do you have bad taste if you have no other options? If you just don't know or venture to know that there is more out there than Chili's and Applebee's?

I could understand if you lived in New York or some other big food hub and just preferred to eat at McDonalds, but what about the towns that just don't have any interesting restaurants? Should we bash on the people that actually like Papa John's or, God forbid, Olive Garden? It's just not cool. I know that I have seen posts even here on SE that have made me feel bad for eating things like American cheese, Ramen, or even the occasional serving of Beefaroni.

Everybody likes different stuff. Not everyday can be a truffle oil coated glory of mastication.

What do you think? Is it bad taste or unfortunate regional placement?


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