A grill for my 5th floor apartment!

Look, I love summer. Like really really love it. I love hot dogs and hamburgers and grilled veggies on skewers and grilled greens, oh boy, do I love summer.

And so when I moved into my not so huge apartment, I was giddy with the fact that I have a patio off my bedroom. Like, a real NY patio that I can actually fit a table and 2 chairs on. Or maybe a grill?

So I am considering buying one of those mini-charcoal grills. THe small ones that probably use only 6 pieces of charcoal at a time...

Has anyone ever used one? Should I fork over the money and hope I don't set my building on fire or should I just resort to spending my weekends in some Summer House where I can actually work on a full sized grill?

As an aside, I checked with my landlord and the legalities and it says that it IS legal to get one of those little guys and plant it on my patio. Thoughts?


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