A French Easter - Ideas?

Since I will be leaving for Paris a little after Easter this year, I have invited my parents over to my home for Easter dinner and wanted to use a sort-of French theme for it. Nothing too rich (read: buttery, creamy, etc), since they are really trying to watch what they eat. However, I have thought of making savory and sweet crepes (like a ham and cheese filling for one and strawberries for another, perhaps). The problem is that I can't serve crepes alone, so I was wondering if anyone knew of any nice, simple, side dishes with a French slant that might go well with the crepes.

The only really hindrances are that I am severly allergic to mushrooms, my father is diabetic and neither of them wants to have anything too rich. Oh, and my father (shakes head) for some strange reason hates asparaus in any form.

Okay, so with tha in mind, does anyone have some ideas? I would appreciate any!

Thanks in advance!


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