A day-trip to NYC

Once again my friends and I are heading to NYC for the day. I'm very excited so I figured I would post what I had in mind for our daily eating/activities.

Bus arrives at 8:45a and I have two proposed plans for breakfast:

Walk a few blocks south and hit up the Chelsea Doughnut Plant then take the subway up to the UWS to Levain for some jumbo cookies OR take the subway down to LES for Shopsin's.

My wallet says DP/Levain, but my heart says Shopsin's. The new menu addition Mo'Jemima has my mouth slavering.

After breakfast/brunch I'm not really sure what we'll do to kill the earlier part of the day. If we go up to Levain that'll put us near the park and museums, otherwise we'll be in the LES.

2pm Lunch reservations at Peter Luger's. The highlight of the trip for me. Can't wait to get my hands on that burger.

After Luger's we'll be shooting over to Barcade for beers and games unless someone can suggest a different bar in the area. I've been to Barcade before and loved it, but I wouldn't mind trying something new.

Dinner depends on time/level of inebriation. My first idea was to go to Paulie Gee's in Greenpoint for pizza, and I think that is probably what we'll end up doing, but once my friend heard I'd never been to Katz's he said we should seriously consider going there. For the record I have been to PG's, but my favorite pizza, the Moby Grape, seems to be absent from the menu. Bus home leaves at 8:30.

What say you? Thanks for any comments/suggestions.


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