7 lbs of pasta. Suggestions on what to do with it?

So I recently came into possession of about 7 lbs of dry pasta (haven't actually weighed it), 2 large containers of tomato sauce and one large container of shredded cheese. These are leftovers from a sports team pasta dinner that started with 30lbs of spaghetti! I froze half the tomato sauce, but even with my roommate helping me I have no idea how to start on the rest. The dry pasta will keep (thank god) but I figure why buy other starches when I'm cool with eating spaghetti on a regular basis.

So I could eat spaghetti with cheese and marinara sauce for the next month but that's really boring. I made a simplified eggplant parmigiana two nights ago, then mixed the plain spaghetti with some spinach, lemon zest, and baba ghanoush last night. By the end of the week, I'll be out of ideas and might start making one of those macaroni sculptures....

Suggestions for easy VEGETARIAN spaghetti recipes for one person or a group (definitely a movie and pasta night before finals!) would be so helpful! Anything goes, but no super expensive ingredients or meat please!


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