Your one culinary wish.

So in an effort to take something bad and make it into something good, here's a thought that occurred to me last night after reading about the Ina Garten Make-A-Wish thing.

You've stumbled across a magic lamp that houses a genie. Unfortunately, he's a bit of a second-tier genie, so he's only able to grant you one wish, and it has to be related to food/cooking. What, oh dear reader, do you wish for?

Mine's a tossup between two options: a culinary hammerspace/bag of holding, so I'd never have to worry about kitchen storage space ever again - knives, bowls, pots, pans, ingredients, utensils all at my fingertips out of thin air - or a magic sous chef that I could summon at will to do all the stuff I hate, like chopping onions.


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