What are some great blogosphere/foodie-tested recipes?

I had a lot of success with the Rick Bayless Enchiladas Especiales Tacuba Style recipe from a while back, based a lot off of what SE-ers told me. I also had wild success with the NYTimes Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe as well (involving several people I rarely talk to hunting me down for the recipe, and inappropriate sounds being made while cookies were being ingested...)

So I want to know, what are some recipes that are extensively tested out by the blogosphere? I find looking at the photos of what a lot of people have tried, their various methods and approaches really helpful. I also trust (perhaps misplacedly so?) regular bloggers more than the average reviewer on allrecipes.com. Bloggers often note what went wrong, what they did differently from the original, ingredient brands, and tips. It's just very useful information that a short blurb of a review might not have - and they almost never have pictures on allrecipes (or other recipe sites) connecting the review with the recipe.

So...any thing that has caught like wildfire through blogging sites recently? Or in the past? I read SE and TheKitchn, but my lurking waxes and wanes, and I don't follow any blogs religiously. I assume some segment of population at SE does, and has a better finger on the pulse than I do.

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