Taking Myself to NYC for 30th BDay... Where to eat THAT meal??

So, I'm meeting some friends in NYC for Easter weekend and my birthday happens to be Good Friday. I'm coming in a day early and want to treat myself to somewhere for my birthday. I was thinking Le Bernardin, as much as I've heard about it, and the tasting menu looks great, but I figured I'd be in error if I didn't ask around here for opinions. I've been searching through old posts, but I can seem to find a post similar to the ones I've seen about "If you're in New Orleans for a weekend, try this". Until my friends get I town, price isn't really a concern, Amex is going to celebrate my 30th with me. I just want to make it worth it.

I know after "RTFM", the next most logical response would be, "what are you in the mood for?"... And that's the rub, I don't know. I was going to New Orleans for the weekend originally (50mi down the road), and I know a host of places there that just make me love the city so much more; so, I guess what I'm looking for is, which restaurants make you feel that way? Which ones make you feel like, "Damn right, I'm from NYC, and this is why".

I'm well aware of how pretentious that sounds, and I'm sorry, I just don't know how to better put it into words.


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