Starting another Chemo Thread

Am going back on chemotherapy. I looked up "chemo" in the search window and found a few threads dedicated to this subject, but I felt like opening it again for anyone else who's undergoing it or trying to cook for someone in treatment.

Last time I was constantly nauseous and lost a lot of weight. The medication I was given to control the nausea did not work as well as one would hope. I did find that increasing the number of meals I had per day helped to counteract the getting-sick part of it a bit. I tried to make it into a game: "snack time" five or six times a day.

People wanted me to make sure I was getting enough protein, and that was difficult because meat-type food was difficult to keep down. I ended up drinking a lot of Boost milkshakes. I got very tired of them! I'm thinking this time around I'm going to try a lot of yogurt cups. I've grown very fond of the Stonyfield farms brand.

I found that foods and teas with ginger in them helped the nausea a bit, too. Trader Joe's has chewy ginger candies that settle my stomach - they're especially good. Also mint tea when I can manage it. (Sometimes a lot of liquid turns out to be not such a good idea, unfortunately.)

I've been really good about emotionally keeping it together until a couple of days ago. Then I thoroughly lost it on the CT-scan table - I started crying and just couldn't stop. What's worked for me in the past is doing everything I can to take care of myself and engaging myself in several little projects (such as baking cookies for the wonderful nurses - I can still do that!), so I'm asking you all, again, for any ideas you might have in terms of eating as best as possible. What's worked for you (for those of you who have experience with this sort of thing)?


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