Pi Day - What's your favorite Pie?

Pie is one of my favorite things to make -- especially fruit pies. So in honor of pi day, I thought I'd ask: what's your favorite pie?

For me, I think it's an apple pie. There are many delicious variations on the apple pie -- double crust, single crust with crumb/struessel topping, sour cream, etc -- and I've yet to meet one I didn't like! I'm looking forward to strawberries and cherries in particular coming into season for delicious pies this summer.

I'm also a fan of making my crust with lard. I tried this for the first time around Christmas and it was a revelation. The texture is soooo much better than any other crust I've made. I think I'll always be playing with my crust recipe to some extent... but lard has become a key ingredient for me.


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