Peppercorn & Pepper Grinders!

i have in the last year purchased 2 new pepper grinders (one wood and the other a new design of glass which is also stated to be good for other whole spices) and in the last 3 months 3 used pepper grinders - 2 of those being today at the thrift store - nice old wood grinders!

ok. so none of them work for me! what's up? to give you some background, the last 3 nice wood ones purchased at the thrift store worked AWESOME, with the existing pepper that was in them when i bought them. But of course I don't know how old that pepper is, so i change it. And now they don't work. I have tried 3 different brands of peppercorns - to no avail. This is the same with the other two NEW grinders purchased (mind you one was a cheapo that worked for a bit and the other the glass one that worked for a bit?). What's UP?

Are peppercorns bigger now then in the past - and don't fit into the old wooden grinders?

Anyone else have this problem? And just so you all know, i do know about the tightness of the top screw and how that changes the courseness of the pepper.

The brands of peppercorns i've used are: 1) Cote d'Azur Peppercorns (Malabar) from India (black) 2) Safeway brand (black) 3) Dan•D•Pak Mixed Peppercorns

I'm frustrated. Cause 2 of those pepper grinders i bought today and they worked fine before i changed the pepper in them just before preparing dinner - then they didn't work! Oh My Goodness!


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