Oriental Market Virgin

I'm going to be traveling to another city where they have ethnic markets, a few mexican/latino and some oriental ones. I'm interested in going to the oriental market this time and getting a few things.

I have never cooked oriental food. I know a few chinese dishes at the chinese restaurant (like lemon chicken and moo goo gai pan). I don't have the proper cooking equipment (i.e. wok, bamboo steamers) to make them though. I know i won't touch sushi (no raw meat/fish ever) or even sashimi. I've tried seaweed and tofu and those are not going in my mouth ever again either. I don't like hot spices, so i think anything szechuan (? spelling) is out. I like noodles & pasta but not whole wheat/whole grain.

Suggestions on a few things, maybe $20 worth total to try?



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