OH NO! Has this PASTA post been posted BEFORE?... FREAK...!!!

Hi everyone. Yes i could do some online research or search immediately for past similar posts but i love your replies as they are now - maybe you have new experiences or old ones... (not to say i won't go back to other posts later.... cause i will!)

Anywho... Homemade pasta BY HAND... any tips?

I will be using type 00 flour and would like to make ravioli or tort's with either a simple ricotta/spinach filling or adding to that some crab, scallops, and shrimp.

I love my pasta thin and tender. Don't have a pasta maker, so any tips on rolling by hand... or any awesome recipes... any tips really...

i tried on valentines day but couldn't get the pasta to roll nice, and my filling was too watery (crab, masc&parm). also, i used a semolina flour that was yellowish and quite course (????).

really too bad cause i was trying to make heart shaped ravioli for my guy! ended up stuffing pasta shells and baking - which was still really tasty!


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