no-knead bread is too flat

I know this is often discussed. I made long-rise no-knead bread recently using my big Le Creuset pan and white bread flour. It came out perfectly.

This morning I baked another batch. This time I'd used a mix of white bread flour, granary flour (a 'malty' flour with a mix of wholemeal and white) and rye - so same technique, same recipe, but different flour and this time I let it rise twice as long (not by design, just happened that way).

It tastes good, has a good texture and crust, but it is much, much flatter than first one. Too flat to be practical as sandwich bread or the like. Is this just because it has rye, which tends to make a flat loaf anyway?

I'm wondering if a solution would be to bake it in a loaf pan with another loaf pan inverted over it for the first half of baking (to approximate le creuset environment).

Any thoughts? @Dbcurrie is this a problem you or others have encountered when using wholegrain flour for this type of bread?


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