Need a Blog for my Portfolio...Help!

I know it's generally frowned upon to ask such a silly question here, however I'm stuck! I'm a Nutrition/Dietetics major at Auburn University and we have to turn in our portfolios for Internship applications on Friday. It's recommended that we have a blog or something of the equivalent to put in our portfolios...I currently do have a couple of blogs, but none that I feel would be deemed appropriate for a professional presentation. I'm going to splice some of my old blog entries into a new blog to present....but I need a new name! Any help would be greatly appreciated! This blog would mainly be about cooking through college....being relatively new to the dietetics option...the stress of being in a relationship with a US army soldier and cooking/eating through that...I grew up on the Gulf of Mexico's coast so I love seafood and "soul" food...i know threw living in an "unhealthy" area how important it is to learn to make these comfort foods taste amazing and yet still be healthy....If you have anymore questions please ask! Thank you so much for your help!


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