My new skillets: Did I make the right decision??

I went into Macy's today with the mission to buy a new skillet. The musts: 10"+ wide, non-stick surface, oven-safe handle... all my pots/pans are stainless-steel so a SS finish and a lid would also be a nice bonus.

The options there: All-Clad 2 skillet set (7 1/2" and 9") - $119 - 20% off Cuisinart 2 skillet set (8" and 11") - $59.99 on sale - 20% off Emeril's 2 skillet set (8" and 10") - $39.99 on sale - 20% off

I decided for Emeril's set. They did not have the stainless-steel exterior as the other ones, but are made by All-Clad (logo is on the box). Total price I paid with tax - $34 and change.

Did I make the right decision?? I went for the cheapest one made by All-Clad, but now I am second-guessing myself if I should have spent more and gone for the real thing.

What's your experience with Emeril's cookware?? It is really as good as the real All-Clad stuff?? Help me ease my anxiety...


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