Modernest Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking; Myhrvold

According to The New York Times, this six-volume tomb is now available. ($625 list, about $467, street/web price.) I well appreciate that this 'book' is beyond the needs or means of most of us. That said, I am hereby suggesting that the Chief Scientist at Serious Eats examine the six volumes and write a review for the benefit of SE'rs. (Hi Kenji! Got anything on your schedule for the next couple of weeks?) After reading the NYT's notes about Dr. Myhrvold's creation, I wonder how much influence it would have in my kitchen. That said, a better understanding of the science underlying our food is screaming, "Read me! Read me!" At $467. or more, The Art And Science... is a hefty investment. OTOH, it a slim price to pay for the science component of a culinary education. With a heaad already overloaded (and leaking) science, I don't think Dr. Myhrvold will lose me or confuse me and I much appreciate his exclusive use of Metric measures. Soooooo, what does SE's Science Chef, Kenji think about this issue? While Kenji may not have planned a public review of this work, we know damn well that he is reading it. WIth his bent for science, how could he avoid it? Kenji? Are you following along here? Will you examine this biggie and write a review for us? Pretty please, with peanut butter? Those who would encourage (or discourage) this suggested Kenji project are encouraged to comment below. Personally, I am tempted to buy the book. OTOH, the basics and theory sections of my (very old) JOC tell me most of what I need to know. Hm... Yes, I know that this should have been posted in Food Media/News. More folks will see it in 'Food', I think. Kenji???


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