Just for Fun, Fishing and Fish Stories, Got One?

They say fishermen love to exaggerate. So, here's your chance. Saltwater, or fresh. boat, or from shore, caught, or bought. Here is one of mine.1995, I was on Redington Beach. Fl. by the pier, I was surf-casting getting 0 bites and finally hit a snag. Being bored I decided to use the opportunity to pretend I was dealing with a huge creature as there were some really pretty people walking the shore-line. I kept my pole bent in half and started moving around reeling my reel. I did this for about 30 minutes and the crowd had swelled considerably, all standing watching and waiting for me to bring the monster in. Finally I cut the line and there was a huge sigh of disapointment from the gathered crowd. When I turned around I could see it in their faces. So I said loud enough for them to hear with a grin on my face,"hey, it was hungrier than I am." The fish that never was, had gotten away...

Anyway do you have a story or two to tell? Could be a tale about catching or cooking ,either way, I would love to hear it.


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