Italian restaurant near West Village

So my boyfriend's and my 1 year anniversary is coming up shortly, and our favorite restaurant just closed (Nero D'avola)! We need a new special "us" place, and quick!

Some specifications: - In, around, or near the West Village (I don't mind going uptown a bit or across on the L, but going to the upper east side is a pain) - ITALIAN - His favorite thing in the world is mozzarella caprese. Extra points if it's bufala mozzarella. It really doesn't even need tomatoes. You can just plop a chunk of the mozzarella on the plate and he'd be happy. - MUST HAVE AT LEAST ONE VEGETARIAN OPTION (for me) - Homemade pasta is a plus (though not required) - Not outrageously expensive. It's our anniversary, but we're in our mid-20s and we're not loaded.

I know it's a huge list of requirements, but does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks so much!!


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