is bad pizza better than no pizza?

so, two or three days a week, i work 12-hour days in a smaaallllllll town with very few options for food. on sundays, i'll cook a big tureen of soup, make some rice or pasta or couscous, and generally have a veg that i'm not opposed to eating quasi steamed in a microwave then smothered in butter and parm (broc, asparagus, cabbage, brussels, mushrooms). add bagels or oatmeal for breakfast with some fruit... but 3 days in a row with only a microwave and a toaster (not even a toaster oven, which would change my whole world) at my disposal gets old. soup, spaghetti, soup, rice and eggs, soup, bagel, sandwich, soup. the only sub $10 options are soup, frozen dinners from the market, and mediocre pizza and meh burgers. its been about 5 months at this job and i wonder when i'll snap?

but anyways, enough about me. when faced with this dilemma, what would you do? is a so-so burger better than no burger? you know those pictures on slice where the pizza looks worse than ellios? is that better than just eating chips til i can make it home? i am so sick of nuts, granola, bananas, apples, p.b. and other good snacks that i find myself inevitably with some chips and a soda more often than i care to admit.

oh ps... no fridge. i bring a cooler everyday. god why do i work here???

as someone who's never had to pack a lunch (and breakfast or dinner), i'm not so good at this game. im open to some great non-refrigerated, easy to put together in the morning ideas.


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