I was at a grocery store today I rarely visit to pick up a few things on the way home. I get to the checkout and got the standard "Did you find everything you were looking for?"...to which I always reply, "This was all the free stuff I could find" *fake laugh* Then I hear "Do you have our super duper savings card?" or whatever it's called....Then I remember why I stopped going to this grocery store. ...Am I not as valuable a customer?

I used to have enough grocery, frequent flyer, credit, debit, hotel, video rental, coffee, restaurant, valued customer cards to make a credit card walkway from New Hampshire to Duluth!

I know "Sheeple" (thanks for that word @Monkii), I can hear you all now, "just fill out the card", "everybody's doin it", "You can save a lot of money that way"....F#$k them, and you (If you're one of them), in the ear!

I go to several grocery stores on a regular basis and none of them have, or ask for a card...they give me the same pricing as anybody else who patronizes their store. When I go to the store that requires a card, I feel I need to: A) Wear a tinfoil hat. B) Watch my purchases...alcohol 6 times this week Mr. Pavlov?

Besides, whenever they ask me if I have the card, I always tell them I left it at home and they just swipe theirs...Really?!... What was the point of asking me in the first point...

How do you feel about using "Value Cards" at the grocery store? Are you like me.... or will you die of dehydration because the drinking fountain went dry?


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