Homemade frozen dumpling problem/help?

Hey folks, I've been on SE for a long time but never actually get to talking in Talk. Hopefully ya'll will forgive me and help me out with this dumpling problem.

So I made some veggie dumplings with wonton wrappers, spaced 'em out on a plate & froze them individually first so I could toss them in a bag without clumping issues. Totally set, right? Should have been.

Fast forward a month or so, I came home last week to find my fridge dying; the fridge was mostly room temp & the freezer was thawing. In the freezer, all my homemade IQF (individually quick frozen) stuff went first (veggies & stuff like the dumplings or meatballs). I'm not against refreezing vegetables so I tossed them in my substitute freezer & just kind of hoped for the best. Unfortunately, I didn't think to pull the dumplings apart to refreeze individually and they have clumped together pretty terribly.

Given the delicate nature of the wonton wrappers in a thawed state, and the fact that probably 20 something dumplings are now a solid mass, am I pretty much screwed at salvaging them? Has anyone else ever had a problem like this? Maybe I could fry them up into one huge dumpling? I hate to just waste them - filled with delicious prize choy & carrots like they are :( Any input is greatly appreciated!


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