Hello, I'm 22 and would like your kids menu...

My apologies if this doesn't come across as "serious," but I need some advice. I love extensive, exotic and expensive menus as much as the next guy, but there are times in which I'm out at a restaurant and I want to order off the kids menu.

Sometimes this happens when I'm at a chain that doesn't have any worthwhile menu items to offer. Sometimes this happens because I'm a sucker for portion control. Other times, because I'm a monetarily challenged college student. But in most cases it happens because I believe that one of the main attachments we have to food is that nostalgic "x" factor, and because the allure of chicken fingers is just too damn strong.

It's not a problem at fast food restaurants, of course, but I've never actually ordered off the kids menu at a "real" restaurant (or even major chain for that matter). It's not that I haven't looked or even discreetly inquired, but so often I'm deterred from actually ordering off it because of the "Under 12" clause.

My question to you all is whether or not anyone has ever really pressed the issue with this apparent "rule." I understand there are reasons for it (someone once explained to me that kids menu's aren't meant to incur profit for restaurants), but is there anyway a restaurant can actually preclude you from ordering off a kids menu other than to frown at you and pretentiously bash you for not ponying up to the big table?

For what its worth I'm smart enough to understand that there are many a social and professional situations where even making this inquisition wouldn't fly. But what can I say? I'm a very nostalgic eater at times...


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