Food Blogs-how do they work?

This question is kind of out there and may be too specific for Serious Eats but if anyone will know the answer, it will be someone on this site! As previously mentioned, my husband and I own a small bed and breakfast in the south. I do all of the cooking and also manage the website, blog, facebook and seo. We are trying to position ourselves as a "foodie" B&B (for want of better word) with breakfasts that are a cut above the usual strata and pancakes. My blog posts are often (although not always) about food, fresh produce, restaurants in the area etc. I would love to have our website linked to some food blogs or sites that people interested in good food and a comfortable bed in a great city would be likely to visit. How do I find out if there are blogs with links? Any other suggestions for good sites to link with. I am not looking for paid advertising. Help and suggestions would be appreciated!


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