Expats: What foods do you miss from back home?

I've been reading the thread about British and Irish snack foods and it got me thinking about the food products that I, as an expat, miss and stock up on. I was also curious about what other expats miss from their home countries.

What store-cupboard foods do you find yourself stocking up on when you go home? What do you ask visitors to bring you from 'home'? What foods are you prepared to buy at inflated prices in your country of residence.

This is my list (I am a Brit living in the US): - Tetley Tea - regular and decaf - Twinings English Breakfast Tea (the American one tastes different) - Marmite - Herbes de Province (from France) - Marigold Organic Vegetable Bouillon Powder - Vegetable OXO cubes - Malden salt - Tunnocks Teacakes - One or more of the following: Penguins, Mint Clubs - Tunnocks Caramels - Ribena - blackcurrant drink (I buy this in expat shops in the US) - British Kit Kat - Prawn Cocktail crisps and Skips - Worcester Sauce crisps - Mint Aero - Fry's Peppermint Cream - Hoola Hoops - Hot Cross Buns (in season) - Christmas Cake (in season) - Mr Kipling Apple Pies and other cakes - Bisto vegetable gravy granules - Schwartz spice mixes that are not available in the US


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