Eat out or stay in and cook, which do you prefer?

This subject may have come up before... I lived in New York for a while and the price of produce there meant that eating out or cooking in cost about the same, also the great choice of restaurants meant that you could mix it up without having to travel too far, so i ate out a good bit while i lived there.

Since returning to Ireland though i've found i don't eat out too much any more, I like to cook (and my other half likes my cooking!) plus restaurant prices here are much higher than what it would cost to make at home. Also i've started to find restaurants a bit stuffy, i like to eat in a more relaxed environment, you can't unbuckle your belt at the table in a least without getting dirty looks.

So going out for dinner is nice for special occasions but i much prefer to eat in, am I alone/weird/antisocial in this?


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