Do you have paczki on in your part of the country?

Mmmmm, Polish paczki (pronounced poonch-key) -- my ultimate Fat Tuesday treat. Paczki are jelly donuts taken to the extreme. They are larger and with a heavier dough than a normal donut, traditionally filled with prune, raspberry, or strawberry jam, and glazed.

I live in Michigan in an area with a large Polish-American population and paczki have always been a part of the Fat Tuesday tradition for me (and I am neither Polish or Catholic)! Around here, everyone is Polish on Fat Tuesday and eats paczki, just like everyone is Irish on St. Pat's Day. I was surprised the first time I was out-of-town on Fat Tuesday and no one there ever heard of them!

So you enjoy paczki in your part of the world, and where do you hail from?


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