Crock Pot Onions - mcwolfe v. Cook's Illustrated

In one of our periodic tithes to support the gods at Cook's Illustrated and Chris Kimball's retirement fund, we got their new slow cooker book.

It turns out they have a recipe for caramelized onions in a crock pot that is reminiscent of mcwolfe's semi-famous Serious Eats posting on the same subject.

Theirs differed significantly only in that they, as they seem to do with all crock pot recipes, precooked the onions. Rather than sauteeing to go for the caramelization right away, I think they just cooked off some liquid first to jump start things. (They also did their usual "oh and if we didn't do this the results were such a disaster" detective story yarn.) I don't think they recommended the periodic stirring that many of mcwolfe's commenters advised.

I can't seem to find the recipe anywhere online (it was titled something like "Big Batch Caramelized Onions") but maybe I'll transcribe it when I'm in front of the book. I think it included butter and oil and a few other ingredients.

Any thoughts on these two variations?


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