Crisco and Cookies *or* Crisco in anything

Thanks @MissBrownEyes for pointing me to a duck egg chocolate chip cookie in this thread:

I made those cookies today, EXACTLY as written, which included butter flavored Crisco, ostensibly because the Crisco makes a crunchy outside, moist inside cookie. I bought butter, then went back for the Crisco against my inner health nut, just to be true to the recipe. I haven't used Crisco since sometime in the late 1970's when, as a teen, I cooked dinner for the family one night a week and fried chicken in it. And now I read on the container that it has 50% less saturated fat than butter. I remain confused on what fats to use in baking/cooking.

The cookies are very good, and crispy/moist as advertised. But is Crisco still a product that people use regularly? And for what purpose? What say you?


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